The Origin of One up Mushroom

One up mushroom chocolate bars are one of the first names that come to mind when people think about psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars. The one up team came out of the concept for creating this amazing chocolate bars at the tail end of 2020.

The 1 up chocolate bars are actually inspired the power up mushrooms in the old 2000s game the super mario bros. The team which is made up of advent mushroom lovers decided to create a product that had all the effects of most of the popular shrooms we have all come to love, combined with the sweet taste of chocolates. Hence, the one up mushroom bars were created. Since, it’s first release 1 up mushrooms have skyrocketed in the psychedelic mushroom market share even having the highest market capitalization at one point. This is mainly due to the superior quality of the one up chocolate bars

one up mushroom

One up Mushrooms New Release: One up Multiverse Bars

One up multiverse bars are a new line of mushroom chocolate bars from the one up mushroom team. Due to the popular demand for the previous collection of our chocolate bars. We decide to create and even better and tastier mushroom chocolate bars called the one up multiverse chocolate bars. These bars are made from the highest quality shrooms such as reishi, penis envy mushroom and many more to name a few. Not only are these made with top quality chocolate bars but are also made with some of the best chocolates in the market. We also produced amazing new flavors such as almond crush one up bars, banana cream pie and so much more. Visit our store to buy to browse our collection of one up multiverse chocolates.

One up Bars

1 up mushroom chocolates are truly the future of the psilocybin chocolate industry. We believe in producing chocolate bars that are not only tasty but still hit as hard as shrooms and that is what we have accomplished with our one up mushroom bars and one up multiverse bars. 

How to have a good trip with One up mushroom

The one up mushroom bars were the original psychedelic bars when you think about micro dosing. Due to the increase in the micro dosing trend, the demand for mushroom chocolate bars have increased and one up bars is no different. It is very advisable to know how to consume this our chocolate bars to ensure you have the best trip.

  • Firstly before taking one up mushroom and one up multiverse bars ensure that you are in a comfortable location and if it is your first time trying out chocolate bars then ensure you have a friend with you. It is definitely more fun like that.
  • Always start out small. Make sure you start with one piece of the chocolate bar then wait for atleast 30mins – 1 hour before consuming more.
  • Do not fight the trip, just relax and enjoy. Also, make sure your in a good mental state before consuming one up bars or shrooms in general. It is also worth noting that you should have a bottle of water beside you.

The One up Mushroom Story

This psychedelic chocolate bars were first revealed in California and were an instant hit amongst psychedelic mushroom consumers. It was praised caused the mushroom chocolate bars still packed the kick that all magic mushroom consumers have come to love. It was also perfect for those who were still starting out with psychedelics as it helped them start out with small doses to find out what levels their bodies could handle. The high got from the one up chocolate bars is quite similar to that from the polkadot chocolate bars . The popularity of mushroom chocolate bars and microdosing in general have grown quite drastically similar to that of vaping industry. The effects of some psilocybin chocolate bars such as our one up bars and fusion chocolate bars are even comparable to that of disposables such as fryd extracts and glazed disposables.

One up Mushroom Flavors

one up mushroom milk
One up mushroom milk chocolate

We at one up bars didn’t just want to create a generic mushroom chocolate bar. So after careful research and many months of survey we were able to pick out a few flavors that suits the need of every mushroom & chocolate lovers. The original flavor of our mushroom chocolate bars was the milk chocolate. We later on created 6 new flavors which are listed below.

  • Vegan
  • Thin Mints
  • Trefoils
  • Tagalongs
  • Strawberry & Cream
  • Cookies & Cream

Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Mushroom chocolate bars also known as shroom chocolate or shroom chocolate bar are chocolate bars infused with psychedelic mushrooms. They are the mushroom world’s reply to cannabis infused chocolate bars. Since the release of the one up mushroom chocolate bar, they’ve being several shroom chocolate bars that have also being created.  Some of these shroom chocolate bar are properly licensed though a lot of black market bars are currently in circulation right now. A few shroom chocolates worthy of mention include: one up mushroom bars, polkadot mushroom, wonder bar chocolate mushroom, punchbars.  The key to properly enjoying your experience with mushroom chocolate bars is to first make your purchase from a fully licensed and official website like ours. Not only do we sell authentic mushroom chocolate bars but we also provide advice on how to microdose with shroom chocolate bars properly. We sell some of the best chocolate bars in the market currently. The high from our chocolate bars compares and even rivals some of the best vapes such as fryd extract liquid diamonds which are presently one of the best.

Shroom Chocolate Bars

Shroom Chocolate Dosing

Choose your desired level of intensity and effects from our guide below to find your ideal dose! This guide is a summary of the average user experience, psilocybin will affect everyone differently in their body’s processing time, trip experiences, and effect durations. Beginners are recommend to start small until they are confident in increasing their dose.

How To Verify Mushroom Chocolate Bars

It is very easy to spot an official one up mushroom website and authentic mushroom chocolate bars. Though many fakes have tried to mimic our mushroom chocolate packaging to an impressive extent. They only sure way to verify your one up mushroom bars is scratch the sticker at the back of the box and enter your unique code

Sunday Magic Mushroom Bar

The sunday magic mushroom bar is a newly created psilocybin chocolate bar. Though still new but a lot of mushroom consumers say these bars might rival the one up mushroom bars. In true psilocybin manner the sunday mushroom chocolate bars were created in a variety of flavors. The most popular flavor is the M&M’s which was inspired the M&M chocolates.